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         SVT Design has a variety of options where you will be able to choose and select what you like the best. Our company has a variety of services, which can enhance your home, your office, your vacation home or simply your room. With a specialized team of architects, designers and decorators, we will have direct contact with our clients, hearing what they like the best and presenting them plans, diagrams and pictures of what their designs will look like. From home decorations to simply an office or a room design, we will transform your ideas into reality. 


          SVT themed rooms designs have licensed and imported photomurals. Unlike other wallpapers, these will take you to a world full of color and life. From simple textures to ornamented kids rooms these panels will transform your inspiration to reality. There are a variety of options from which you can choose. Disney themed rooms are our best seller ones. But we offer many others such as the Marvel super heroes filled with action and color; kids themes with jungles, animals and pirates; and the ones with textures, landscapes and much more designed for living rooms and offices!


           SVT Design has a array of decoration packs, from which you can choose from. Either you are decorating just a room, your home or your vacation home, we will offer everything that you need with the best service and materials. Your home is the space where you live, therefore it should be enjoyable and nice. Our company can make your space filled with entertainment and style; with themed kitchens, bathrooms, garages and game rooms, where you will never feel bored. 

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